Minimum Order

Minimum Order Of $50

We are a wholesale business. We do NOT sell individual items. You can mix and match any item that you like but the minimum order must be $50 before the shipping charge. Because this is a wholesale business item stock can run out at any time without notice or indication in the online store. in some cases we will contact you if the order contains any item that is out of stock, there might be delays in processing orders due to inventory, and we will not be responsible for delayed shipment of orders. 

our rule is a $50 order minimum for any combination of items ( for limited times )

If you own a Boutique, Online Store, or Gift Shop or you are a purse party holder or you own a home business, simply

Register and Create an Account to begin shopping! You will be able to view prices and start shopping after creating your account!


Address Verification

Address verification is a precautionary measure Mezon handbags perform to ensure your safety and deter fraudulent activity. To protect our customers' privacy, We do not store any information. We instead conduct address verification through your credit/debit card issuer to confirm your identity and verify the validity of your purchase, ultimately protecting your credit and privacy.

Any attempt to use stolen credit cards or credit card numbers will be reported to the RCMP or the FBI.  We will supply the RCMP or the FBI and (The local Police Department ) with the information needed to prosecute the thief. 

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